When coming to Budapest, people usually enjoy taking the daily tours to see the city and its landmarks. It’s because they think that during the day they will get to see as much as possible and because, generally, tours are organized so that they are mostly during daylight (various “Pub Crawls” not included). However, having lived in Budapest my whole life, I got to see some of those places during the night, and I can tell you that the sights of my city are even more beautiful during the night, bathed in electric light, which gives a whole new meaning to some buildings. If you wish to see what it looks like, I suggest visiting following places after sundown.


Buda Castle

beautiful night view of buda castle
The crown jewel of Budapest (literally), it shines with a new light after the sun sets. First built in the 14th century (1356), it was destroyed and rebuilt several times during the time of the Austro-Hungarian empire, while the last reconstruction works were done in the 1950s, according to the plans laid down earlier by one of the Hungary’s greatest architects, Miklos Ybl. They hardly took artificial lightning into account when building it, but subsequent modern generations have made sure that visiting the Buda Castle and the Castle Hill at night will leave you breathless. If the castle itself does not impress you, then the view of all the bridges on the Danube (all with their own lightning), will surely have you asking to stay a while more to enjoy the view.


The Parliament Building

beautiful nightview of parliament buildng
The third largest parliament building in the world sits in the Pest part, right on the bank of the Danube, between Margaret and Chain Bridges. It was built with the London’s Houses of the Parliament in mind, however, it is far from an exact copy. Built in the neo-Gothic style, when finished in 1902, it was the largest parliament building in the world. It has, since then, lost this title, but none of its beauty. With the advent of artificial light, the Parliament received a new face. While it is pearly white during the day (with the roofs and domes being red), during the night it gets kind of a golden shine, which, along with its grandeur, inspires awe. I also suggest visiting as the sun sets, and waiting for the lights to turn on gradually, as the lightning mimics the setting of the sun, before all the lights are turned on. If you wish to get a good panoramic view of the building, I suggest moving on to the next sight that I’m going to present you.


Gellert Bath

beautiful nightview of gellerth baths
It is said in Budapest that the best view of the Parliament can be seen from Gellert Hill. After you are done with soaking in the golden beauty that is this brilliant building, you should definitely pay a visit to the Gellert Bath. The Art Nouveau building, built in 1918, is one of the most unique experiences that you will get in Budapest. Beautiful images, palace-like shape and design, and intrinsic and ahead-of-their-time decorations both inside and outside will make you never want to leave the place. Taking a bath inside is expensive, visitors can enjoy the scenery for free. This also means that the place is not crowded with people, like some other Budapest baths. After the sun sets, until 8pm (closing time), this place turns into mouth-watering eye-candy, giving it a complete new meaning.


Varkert Bazaar

Built in the 19th century, and designed (once again) by Miklos Ybl, the set of buildings was designed to fulfill the same purpose as the Danube Promenade, which was on the Pest side. However, the merchants lost interest quickly, and it started to deteriorate. However, modern-day government decided to revamp this marvelous piece of work and has performed an extensive restauration project which was finished by 2014. This set of buildings now shines with a new light, and it is especially eye-catching during the night. Take a walk through it and visit some of the many exhibitions which are hosted there.


All of these places (and more) can be visited by taking part in our organized bike tours and we have prepared a special one which takes you to see the sights of Budapest during the night. We promise you that you will feast your eyes on the nightly beauty of our beautiful city.

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