People often visit interesting places during the day. It only makes sense as museums, monuments and many other sights are open for visits only during the day, but there’s tons of stuff to do after the street lights are turned on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the indicator that it’s time to call it a day and head back to the hotel. No, this is when Budapest truly comes to life.


At night Budapest gets a whole new look, a robe that was invisible during the sunlight and an impression of extravagance and eclecticism becomes ever stronger. All the buildings get bathed in incredible light and all the clubs and bars come to life. After a long day of sightseeing, you do need a relaxation and you could surely use a few drinks.




There are many places that you simply need to visit when you are in Budapest. However, there are some places in Budapest that you will have to visit at least twice and the reason why is because they simply look stunning during the night. Buda Castle and the Parliament Building are the prime examples as to why.


Buda Castle was first built in 14th century and since then it was destroyed and rebuilt for several times. It sits on the top of the Castle Hill, overlooking the entire city. As for the Parliament Building, it is one of the largest parliament buildings in the world. It is set in the opposite part of the city – Pest, right between the Margaret Bridge and the Chain Bridge. Both buildings have a magnificent artificial lighting which additionally brings out their amazing architecture and shows their true shine and brilliance.


The best way to see both buildings at the same time during the night is to book a boat trip along the Danube River. You can do this during the day or during the night, while it is much more intense and beautiful at night. Some boats even offer parties at night times, so you can combine both partying and sightseeing in one simple maneuver. Also, you can book a night tour by bicycle, which is a great way to enjoy the city highlights.




A vibrant nightlife has developed in Budapest during the last decade. There are bars and clubs for everyone, from jazz pubs across clubs with DJs all the way to discos. Many clubs and pubs are opened throughout the night, some even until the next morning, which means that you can even connect your night out with the morning of sightseeing tours…if you are fit for it, that is.


There are plenty of bars and pubs to choose from on the both sides of the city, but if you feel like that’s old news and something you can do at home, you can always try out something new. You have probably heard about spas which Budapest is so famous for. They are great places to rest and unwind during the day, to take a hot bath, maybe a massage or a nice spa treatment. However, what you may not have known is that those very spas also offer all kinds of parties during the night. Great music, amazing atmosphere and affordable entry fees and drinks will surely make your night memorable and enjoyable.


Another way of ensuring your night out is truly memorable is to spend it on a cruise. There are many cruising tours during the day and some even during the night, and those are the ones you really want. Night cruises on the Danube River let you see the real beauty of Budapest, while being surrounded by people, while partying and having a blast.


If this still doesn’t sound like much, maybe a festival can satisfy your thirst for partying. There are many festivals in Budapest with all kinds of programs and all kinds of music, but the most popular among them has to be Sziget. The festival is all about having fun, spending awesome time with the people you love (or people you’ve never even met) and actually enjoying the summer. It is one of the biggest European festivals and it’s held in August on the Old Buda Island (Óbudai-sziget) in the center of Budapest. It’s a modern mixture of different cultures and interesting music and it brings together people from all sides of the world. You shouldn’t miss it if you happen to be in Budapest at the time.

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