Why should I take a tour with iBikeBudapest?

Because with iBikeBudapest you will discover Budapest in the best way possible: by bike. Apart from the interesting history of the city, our guides will share their experiences about local life in the city and show you their favorite spots!

How do I book a tour with iBikeBudapest?

Write us a mail with your preferences at info@ibikebudapest.com or fill in the contact form to book a private tour or a group tour.

If you are visiting Budapest by cruise-ship your tour can be booked by your cruise-manager or concierge.

What is the price of a tour?

It depends on what kind of a tour you are joining what the price is. If you want a private tour check out the information on this page, for groups all information can be found here.

If you are visiting Budapest by cruise-ship you can get all information with your cruise-manager or concierge.

Where and when do the tours start?

Most tours start in the center at Fővám Tér, close to our shop. We can start tours at any time you like.

For cruise-ship passengers we start the tours at your ship or hotel, at a time fitting your itinerary and schedule.

If you are with a group and want the bikes to be brought to a location of your choice we can arrange that for you.

Do I have to be in good physical condition to join the tour?

We adjust all our tours to our guests, so basically anybody can join. We have very comfortable bikes with 7-gears and avoid hills in our routes.

How long does a tour last?

Our tours last around 3 hours, but we are as flexible with time as you are!

Do you ride when it rains?

Yes, we do. Only when it rains so hard that it is no fun anymore we will cancel the tour.

Do I have to pay if I cancel the tour?

We are as flexible as possible when it comes to cancellations and if you cancel in time there are no costs involved. If we have to cancel a tour for any reason we’ll try to replace it for a tour at another time or date. Please read our cancellation rules here.

Can I rent a bike with iBikeBudapest?

If you are visiting Budapest by cruise ship, or as a group, we can rent you a bike. Please contact us by mail at info@ibikebudapest.com for the conditions.

Can I rent a bike for a few days if I want to go trekking out in the country, or even to another country?

Yes, you can. We have a few good quality trekking bikes available for rent, including bags, helmet and repair-set if you need them. For more information, visit our iBikeBelgrade page

Can I work for iBikeBudapest?

If you are a very nice person who loves to show Budapest to international guests you can always send your CV and letter of motivation to info@ibikebudapest.com, in English!