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6 Places with the Best Beer in Budapest

Beer is not the traditional drink of Hungary, but it sure is very popular in Budapest. Trying the best beer […]

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Things You Should Know Before Going to Budapest

When people travel they tend to do some research about the place where they are traveling. The first thing that […]

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What to Eat and Drink When in Budapest

A huge part of visiting a country or a specific city is to get to know every aspect of that […]

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What to Do When in Budapest

There are endless ways to discover Budapest. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time here or you already feel […]

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The Mighty Danube Sights in Budapest

There is almost no way to visit everything in Budapest without some form of transportation. You can try doing it […]

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Budapest at Night – What to Do and Where to Go

People often visit interesting places during the day. It only makes sense as museums, monuments and many other sights are […]

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Where to Rest in Budapest

Imagine yourself stranded in a big, foreign city after a long day of sightseeing. You don’t speak the language and […]

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