Searching online for 'Bike Rental Budapest'? Look no further! Discover the sights of Budapest on your own on two wheels! 

No waiting around for buses or getting stuck in traffic on the backseat of a taxi! Ride around Budapest on one of our comfortable city bikes! This is the best bike rental in Budapest!

Helmets and locks are included


  • You can return the bike before 18.00 or the next day before 12.00
  • If you rent 7 days, you only pay for 6 days
  • You are responsible for the bike you rent
  • If you keep the bike overnight, always store it safely inside, and lock it
  • If you park your bike, even for 1 minute, lock it
  • If your bike is stolen, you have to pay 250 Euro
  • If you bring back the bike damaged, you have to pay for the repair
  • Our bikes have good tires, but if you get a flat it is at your own risk, and at your own costs
  • Our bikes are only suited for carrying maximum one person
  • iBikeBudapest is in no way responsible for your safety or any accident that may happen to the renter or the bike, and carries no liability whatsoever.

How to rent an iBikeBudapest-bike:

  • call or mail to reserve a bike and come to our bike-rental point at Veres Pálné u. 40
  • Pick one of our comfortable city-bikes in your size
  • Leave a valid ID as deposit (or 200 Euro p/bike)

You can return the bike before 18.00 on the day of rent, or before 12.00 the next day.

To be absolutely sure there’s a bike for you waiting you can reserve via the form on this page, by sending a mail to or by calling +367 (0) 588 40 68.



Reserve your bike now to make sure we have one waiting for you!