Budapest has a rich past. Let us take you on an exploration!


Come and hop on your own ebike for the day!

About the Hidden Gems of Budapest Ebike Tour



Come with us on a journey! We have the inside scoop on hidden gems and local secrets, so you can experience the city beyond the traditional tourist destinations.

We'll show you the Hungarian Champs-Elyssées, the City park with the Széchenyi bath, the historical Óbuda with the Main square and the ancient Colosseum.

Enjoy the ebikes as you easily cruise through our beautiful city. Meet the locals and see the inner streets in Óbuda where you can see the mix of architecture such as Roman, medieval and communist.

Your tour guide will tell you all about the most interesting parts of Budapest’s rich past and also share some useful tips on how to spend the rest of your time in Budapest: what restaurants and bars to visit or avoid etc.

The tour starts at our shop behind the Fovam Ter, in Veres Palne U. 40. It is easy to reach by Tram 2 or green metro M4 (station Fovam Ter) or blue metro M3 (station Kalvin Ter).

  • Reservation required
  • Starting time: 2 pm
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 50 Euro pp
  • Info: Min. number of guests is 2
  • Included: a bottle of water

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